JmI’m Jillian Murphy,  coach on a mission to empower women all over the world to unveil their best selves and live lives filled with balance, beauty and vibrant health.

I teach women to work on their lives the way a creative entrepreneur works on their most amazing, passion-filled biz.

I push women through the clutter of the mundane everyday and help them find clarity and motivation. Then, most importantly, I create a clear path of action, where dreams, vision and purpose become reality!


I believe we all have the power to create a life we love, despite what our cranky co-worker says.

I believe we can make the changes we need to make at any point in our lives. Oh yes you can!

I believe we are designed to be happy and healthy, though there will inevitably be days when we’re stuck on the couch sipping soup and hocking loogies.

I believe that life, while not always perfect (or even okay) can be balanced and beautiful.


Name: Jillian Murphy
Nickname: Jillana
Age: Mind your own business
Height: 5’4
Hair color: mousy brown (that’s actually what my hairdresser calls the color I dye my hair).
Eyes: Blue
Theme Song: Shake it Out. Florence + The Machine
Style Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow. I love her and I kind of hate her. You know what I mean…..
Ultimate joy: Coffee…Oops! I meant to say my kids
Proudest moment(s): the births of my gals
Lowest slump: After the birth of my second child (Pippa), my first born (Winnie) really struggled. I felt so helpless and sad and scared for her. I really felt like I was failing at the most important job of my life. Glad that’s over.
Brag Worthy Accolade: I kick-ass at Taboo
Arch nemesis: Sugar
Arch Angel: My husband
Ultimate Quote: Choose Happiness
Signature Catch Phrase: “It’s all happening perfectly……”